Twas the Night Before Christmas 2016/17

Following last years brilliant take on the Poem The night before Christmas for the NHS Bursary campaign (available further down the thread list). David Collett on behalf of the LYON team presents this years poem with is a brief overview of 2016. We hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings to all Young Labour Members , Lyon x


‘Twas the night before Christmas, things had changed in the house,

Tories ruled with majority while Lib Dems moved out.

Cameron had gone, succession plans made with care,

Not Boris not Gove but Theresa May in his chair.

The public had voted for Brexit instead.

While pollsters and experts left scratching there heads.

And Labour in turmoil Smith launched an attack,

But members were clear Corbyns not for the sack.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,

New contracts for Doctors were rejected we gathered.

With threats to impose, Hunt stood strong and steadfast,

But a deal was achieved after talks with ACAS.

And as GOLD hung from necks of  Olympians Glows,

Andy Murray took Wimbledon with new baby in toe.

Then to our surprise and our wonder a new England manager appeared,

a nations hopes were renewed, BIG SAM ! he was here.

But after one win it was over so quick,

Stung by the media big sam had to quit.

And more rapid than eagles the obituaries came

As national treasures extinguished there flames.

First Lemmy ! and  Bowie ! then Rickaman and Prince!

with Wogan ! and Woods ! Then Ali : Long Live The King.

With tributes and Murals and plaques pinned up on walls

there Contributions to the world will be missed by as all.

And as leaves from the trees fall to ground as they fly,

Major Tim Peak shot up into to the sky;

above all the housetops the astronaught flew

186 days for GB, And got back safely too.

But then, in a twinkling, we heard from BBC news,

That Bake Off was cancelled and going to move.

As bakers in England picked them selfs off the ground,

it would appear the tent was channel 4 bound.

Paul said he’d go hoping the others followed suit,

but Mel Sue and Mary declined stood resolute.

Now not to break with tradition, with paws white and fur black,

A new pet for the foreign office, Palmiston the Cat.

His eyes—how they twinkled and whiskers a plenty,

But Larry of downing street wasn’t to friendly.

And over the pond trading blows too and throw,

As we all sat and watch the Clinton vs Trump Show.

Trump said Clinton lied, her emails they were seized.

While Hillary worked on morals, she said Trump was a sleaze !

But to our disbelief and the world just a plenty.

Donald Trump was victorious a political revolutionary.

While Nigel Farage made a name for him self.

Plans to make him ambassador to USA quickly shelved.

And with no plans for Brexit and no clue what lies ahead

trigging article 50 fills many with dread;

A hard or soft Brexit final plans were disturbed,

as the high court had ruled Parliament had to vote first,

As we await supreme ruling austerity continues and grows,

What awaits us in 2017 nobody knows.

With a new year dawning we await labours call

while we will always remember more unites us than divides us all.

Well i hope you enjoyed some festive delight,

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”


14479769_559225714285777_6514873223860473242_n By Cllr David Collett.