Twas the Night Before Christmas 2016/17

Following last years brilliant take on the Poem The night before Christmas for the NHS Bursary campaign (available further down the thread list). David Collett on behalf of the LYON team presents this years poem with is a brief overview of 2016. We hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings to all Young Labour Members , Lyon x


‘Twas the night before Christmas, things had changed in the house,

Tories ruled with majority while Lib Dems moved out.

Cameron had gone, succession plans made with care,

Not Boris not Gove but Theresa May in his chair.

The public had voted for Brexit instead.

While pollsters and experts left scratching there heads.

And Labour in turmoil Smith launched an attack,

But members were clear Corbyns not for the sack.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,

New contracts for Doctors were rejected we gathered.

With threats to impose, Hunt stood strong and steadfast,

But a deal was achieved after talks with ACAS.

And as GOLD hung from necks of  Olympians Glows,

Andy Murray took Wimbledon with new baby in toe.

Then to our surprise and our wonder a new England manager appeared,

a nations hopes were renewed, BIG SAM ! he was here.

But after one win it was over so quick,

Stung by the media big sam had to quit.

And more rapid than eagles the obituaries came

As national treasures extinguished there flames.

First Lemmy ! and  Bowie ! then Rickaman and Prince!

with Wogan ! and Woods ! Then Ali : Long Live The King.

With tributes and Murals and plaques pinned up on walls

there Contributions to the world will be missed by as all.

And as leaves from the trees fall to ground as they fly,

Major Tim Peak shot up into to the sky;

above all the housetops the astronaught flew

186 days for GB, And got back safely too.

But then, in a twinkling, we heard from BBC news,

That Bake Off was cancelled and going to move.

As bakers in England picked them selfs off the ground,

it would appear the tent was channel 4 bound.

Paul said he’d go hoping the others followed suit,

but Mel Sue and Mary declined stood resolute.

Now not to break with tradition, with paws white and fur black,

A new pet for the foreign office, Palmiston the Cat.

His eyes—how they twinkled and whiskers a plenty,

But Larry of downing street wasn’t to friendly.

And over the pond trading blows too and throw,

As we all sat and watch the Clinton vs Trump Show.

Trump said Clinton lied, her emails they were seized.

While Hillary worked on morals, she said Trump was a sleaze !

But to our disbelief and the world just a plenty.

Donald Trump was victorious a political revolutionary.

While Nigel Farage made a name for him self.

Plans to make him ambassador to USA quickly shelved.

And with no plans for Brexit and no clue what lies ahead

trigging article 50 fills many with dread;

A hard or soft Brexit final plans were disturbed,

as the high court had ruled Parliament had to vote first,

As we await supreme ruling austerity continues and grows,

What awaits us in 2017 nobody knows.

With a new year dawning we await labours call

while we will always remember more unites us than divides us all.

Well i hope you enjoyed some festive delight,

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”


14479769_559225714285777_6514873223860473242_n By Cllr David Collett.

Twas the Night Before An NHS Bursary Christmas (2015).

Seen as it is nearly christmas we here at LYON thought we might spread some festive cheer. Here is last years take on the Night Before Christmas. Written By David Collett Young Labour member, Health Campaigner and Blackpool’s most recent Councillor. Be sure to keep an eye out for this years 2016 version coming soon.

Twas the night before Christmas. When all through the house, Ministers were lurking in the Department of Health. The budget compiled and cuts made with care, whilst Jeremy and George laughed sat in big chairs.

As Nurses lay patients all snug in there beds, whilst visions of pay rises danced round in their heads. And Students in homes filled out there UCAS, all settled down dreaming of that 1% cap.

When out in the statement arose such a clatter, the bursary was gone for all students we gathered. Replaced with loans it was gone like a flash, with reasons that loans gave students accessible cash.

The mood to this news by student nurses was low, as government said more debt was the right way too go. But what in dark times to our eyes should appear, but an online petition Keep The NHS Bursary was here.

Driven by nurses David and Kat, these cuts couldn’t stick and someone must act.

More rapid than eagles the signatures came with over ten thousand signed up in a day. Now Stafford Now Blackpool Now London went the petition. In Wales In Ireland In Scotland names written. Trending on Twitter and atop Facebook walls, shared liked and favorite it was seen by all.

As signatures rose near 100,000 with time, Kings College London Nurse Soc became mobilized. So up to the Westminster and DOH nurses flew with sleighs full of placards backed by unions too. But then in a twinkling we heard from the roof a debate was secured early but why and by who?

As NHS drew breath and all looked around, step forward Wes Streeting MP duty bound. Dressed in a suite from his head to his foot, stood between benches in the chamber he stood. With a speech for the nurses he launched the attack, when up stepped MP Ben Gummer to mount the fight back.

His eyes how they twinkled, and hair never messy he rose to outline why reforms necessary. Less places than applicants statistic will show, lifting caps on these numbers is why bursaries must go.

More reasons he gave with figures from sheets, but no one expected what came from beneath. University and apprenticeship routes to nursing a many, attracting the numbers we need this will gives us aplenty.

The right way to go government pleased with them self, left many dismayed no more information to tell. The meting was over wait for consultations they said, with proposed changes leaving future nurses with dread.

With not a word nurses and students return to there work, but footsteps and chanting 9th of January will be heard. With posters and unions to cuts they oppose, back with a vengeance bigger protests proposed.

11th of January bursary debate day, Parliament meets #BursaryOrBust its official, Please join our cause if you care just a little. And to all our supporters we exclaim in delight


Happy Christmas to all from those that oppose the cuts to the NHS Bursary 

Keep The NHS Bursary 



David Collett





#BursaryOrBust A Campaign We Can All Get Behind

In this article David Collett Chair of Blackpool Young Labour and Staff Nurse talks about the Bursary Or Bust campaign against cuts to student funding, urging all members to support the movement and get involved. 

Whilst The Labour Party grapples with leadership contests, civil war and the notion of a possible split, nurses continue their fight for bursaries in a campaign that should be supported by all.  

          bursary or bust

As the leadership contest gathers momentum and members along with MP’s ready to pledge there allegiances it is hard to see if anything could bring us back together. However the #BursaryOrBust campaign with unions, the NHS and anti-austerity at its very heart could be a start. In November 2015 MP George Osbourne announced that the bursaries used to fund training for student nurses would be cut and replaced with student loans. This came as a shock to healthcare organisations, professionals and students a like due to the lack of prior consultation on the issue. Within hours of the announcement student nurses Kat Barber (prev Webb) Danielle Tiplady and staff nurse David Collett had taken individual action that would later go on to become the Bursary or Bust campaign. Supported by unions The RCN, Unison and Unite to name but a few this campaign has seen petitions gaining over 150,000 signatures, mass demonstrations through London, Manchester and Newcastle as well as parliamentary debates.

The Government state that removing the bursary is necessary to recruit more nurses and create a further 10,000 training places a year. The NHS is already suffering from a nursing shortage with one in 10 vacancies unfilled and recent reports stating this may deteriorate further due to Brexit. MP Ben Gummer the minister overseeing this change also adds that the student loan system will give students more accessible cash when they need it. This was in response to concerns about student nurses currently having to take on  part time jobs as well as their 4600 hours of practice in order to live. The move to take away the NHS Bursary has been criticised as just a way for the conservative government to save eight hundred million pounds a year regardless of the consequences.

Nurses have already suffered a 14% pay cut since 2010 with a starting wage £8,300 less than the average graduate wage. Under the new loans system student nurses will not only pay tuition fees but will receive larger loans to supplement the potential extra costs associated with undertaking such a degree. It is proposed that the average qualifying nurse will now accrue around £51,600 in debt (plus interest) with the government constantly looking to chop and save as seen recently with the Junior Doctors contracts. It is reported that two thirds of current nursing students would not have chosen to study if this system was in place leading to fears this will see a decrease in future applicants. It is also recognised that this new system will not only disenfranchise people from poorer backgrounds but mature students and those with previous degrees as the combination of further debt and relentless practice hours will see many reconsider a change in profession.

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, Health Secretary Dianne Abbott and her Predecessor MP Heidi Alexander have already spoken out against the cut, condemning the conservative government for plunging thousands of people further into debt, and leaving the NHS with the inability to place staff where they are most needed. This campaign not only aims to stop the further degradation of our National Health Service, but to enable fair pay and training conditions for our future workforce. This cut will affect all young people in different ways. Those that wish to go to university and study for a career in nursing will be saddled with a life time of debt. Those who use NHS services such as A&E’s or Mental Health Services may experience poor or substandard care due to an over stretched, tired, stressed workforce. We as a party should unite against these cuts and support our NHS and our Nurses. This can be done in various ways from writing to your MP asking them to attend any debates regarding the bursary or urge the government to find alternatives. I also ask for you to debate this issue in Young Labour Groups and pledge your support. I also urge our members of trade unions to get involved and ask their unions to support the campaign. I am aware not all unions directly support healthcare professionals but nearly all support the NHS.

The RCN, Unison and Unite all have tools to enable anybody to send a letter to their MP asking them to support the campaign.




Here is also an open letter to David Cameron signed by over 20 healthcare organisations outlining their concerns:

Also look out on social media for any events regarding the bursary we would love for as many supporters to participate as possible and simply spread the word by using #BursaryOrBust.

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By David Collett