Twas the Night Before An NHS Bursary Christmas (2015).

Seen as it is nearly christmas we here at LYON thought we might spread some festive cheer. Here is last years take on the Night Before Christmas. Written By David Collett Young Labour member, Health Campaigner and Blackpool’s most recent Councillor. Be sure to keep an eye out for this years 2016 version coming soon.

Twas the night before Christmas. When all through the house, Ministers were lurking in the Department of Health. The budget compiled and cuts made with care, whilst Jeremy and George laughed sat in big chairs.

As Nurses lay patients all snug in there beds, whilst visions of pay rises danced round in their heads. And Students in homes filled out there UCAS, all settled down dreaming of that 1% cap.

When out in the statement arose such a clatter, the bursary was gone for all students we gathered. Replaced with loans it was gone like a flash, with reasons that loans gave students accessible cash.

The mood to this news by student nurses was low, as government said more debt was the right way too go. But what in dark times to our eyes should appear, but an online petition Keep The NHS Bursary was here.

Driven by nurses David and Kat, these cuts couldn’t stick and someone must act.

More rapid than eagles the signatures came with over ten thousand signed up in a day. Now Stafford Now Blackpool Now London went the petition. In Wales In Ireland In Scotland names written. Trending on Twitter and atop Facebook walls, shared liked and favorite it was seen by all.

As signatures rose near 100,000 with time, Kings College London Nurse Soc became mobilized. So up to the Westminster and DOH nurses flew with sleighs full of placards backed by unions too. But then in a twinkling we heard from the roof a debate was secured early but why and by who?

As NHS drew breath and all looked around, step forward Wes Streeting MP duty bound. Dressed in a suite from his head to his foot, stood between benches in the chamber he stood. With a speech for the nurses he launched the attack, when up stepped MP Ben Gummer to mount the fight back.

His eyes how they twinkled, and hair never messy he rose to outline why reforms necessary. Less places than applicants statistic will show, lifting caps on these numbers is why bursaries must go.

More reasons he gave with figures from sheets, but no one expected what came from beneath. University and apprenticeship routes to nursing a many, attracting the numbers we need this will gives us aplenty.

The right way to go government pleased with them self, left many dismayed no more information to tell. The meting was over wait for consultations they said, with proposed changes leaving future nurses with dread.

With not a word nurses and students return to there work, but footsteps and chanting 9th of January will be heard. With posters and unions to cuts they oppose, back with a vengeance bigger protests proposed.

11th of January bursary debate day, Parliament meets #BursaryOrBust its official, Please join our cause if you care just a little. And to all our supporters we exclaim in delight


Happy Christmas to all from those that oppose the cuts to the NHS Bursary 

Keep The NHS Bursary 



David Collett





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